Still not James Gurney : Materials don't make the artist

Still not James Gurney : Materials don't make the artist

I love glimpsing into other artists palettes and art supplies.  When I see an artist I admire using a new material, I get an overwhelming urge to run out and buy the same thing so I can be just like them. It feels like if only I had this unusual pigment/special pencil, I would be able to paint just like my idol.

Of course, that is not how it works.  Sometimes I love the new materials and sometimes I hate them.  However, no materials have ever made me paint like anyone but myself.

One of my best friends and I went through a phase where we both watched a lot of James Gurney videos.  Who am I kidding, we're still doing that... We've been inspired to buy all sorts of art supplies - he bought a huge collection of casein paints, and I bought flat paintbrushes and a bijou box so I could have an ultra-portable sketch kit. Then we went out to do some plein air painting. We painted just like ourselves.  Now, we have a catchphrase.  Every time we buy some art supplies to be like another artist, we'll look over our work and say "Nope.  Still not James Gurney".

On this blog,  I love to post reviews and comparisons of art materials.  I go into detail about the paints in my palettes and other materials I've tried.  Experimenting with new materials is a fun way practice.  In the end, though, practicing is what makes me improve as an artist.

When I find material I really like, I'm excited to share them with the world.  Have I mentioned I loove nickel azo yellow (PY150)? Once or twice?  I'm thrilled when other artists come to me for advice on supplies.  But remember, no supplies will turn you into a different artist!

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