Go buy someone else's art

Go buy someone else's art

Not everyone reading this this blog wants to buy my art.

Coloured pencil and ink on illustration board
Lichen on Treebark II - Yellow and green lichen on maple tree bark

That is completely fine! No need to apologize.  Maybe you follow me for the colour mixing advice, but prefer colourful abstract paintings.  Maybe you're a friend of mine, and prefer impressionist landscapes.  Perhaps you live in a tiny apartment and have no space at all for wall art of any kind.  Possibly you just got here because this post went viral and honestly just find my complicated drawings of crusty twigs weird and offputting.  Welcome!

Whether you want my art or not, you probably all would like to see a more successful, strong and diverse art community.  You can make that a reality!  Go buy someone else's art.

Set yourself an art budget.  Beautiful art and prints by local artists is surprisingly affordable. Do you sometimes buy fancy coffee drinks, eat out at lunch, and get seasonal home accents at a big box store?  Instead, you could likely get yourself some wonderful art at a local studio tour - a limited edition print or small original by an artist you admire instead of box store cushions, or a beautiful handmade pottery mug for the price of a few coffees.  A concert by a local musician sounds nicer than takeout lunch!

This weekend, I am participating in the Mary Allen Studio Tour with dozens of other artists. If you're in the area, come visit me.  Say hello, give me a hug.  And then go buy someone else's art.

If you live far away, or are not available this weekend, not to worry.  There are frequent art markets and studio tours as well as numerous independent galleries and open studios in most areas.  Arrange to attend some art events soon.  Find artists you admire.  Support their work right away, or save up to buy larger pieces.  They'll be delighted, and if you tell me all about it, I will be, too.

This year, go buy someone else's art!

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