My “personal palette” – Gouache Experiments

Grackle Nest
Grackle nest with three eggs:  Gouache on Paper

A couple of months ago, I finally took the plunge and bought myself some gouache paints. Although in general I love the delicacy and glazing properties of transparent watercolour, there are some subjects where the opacity and flatter finish of gouache (opaque watercolour)  are preferable.    I decided to use this opportunity of starting in a new medium to apply what I have learned about colour theory and gamut mapping as well as my own preferences to select only a relatively limited “personal palette”  of colours. Continue reading

Coloured Pencil Colour Swatching – Faber Castell Polychromos Full Collection (120)

On this blog I have mostly focused on my experiences with watercolour, which is my primary medium, but I also do some of my work (about 15-20% of my illustrations) using coloured pencils or combining both.

As with watercolours, I am not strictly brand loyal, however, coloured pencil does lend itself a bit better to keeping full sets from a brand.  Although coloured pencils are mixable, they are easier to work with with less mixing and a larger colour selection than watercolours.There are also fewer brands of artist-quality coloured pencils, and each brand has a very unique and different formulation to their lead.

The pencils I use the most are Polychromos, which have a smooth yet relatively hard, oil-based formula, ideal for drawing details and layering without a waxy buildup.  Continue reading