Launching the KW Artists Co-op

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I found out that the Bright Blue Door was moving to a different space to focus on their marketing activities and I would have to find studio space.

After an emotional rollercoaster ride, I have decided to team up with some of the artists from the studio.  Together, we are thrilled to announce we are launching the KW Artists Co-op, a co-operative working studio located within the same space.

Our renters are all co-op members, with a share of the responsibiliy, steering and profits of our co-op studio.   We have rearranged the space into fewer, larger rental spots surrounding a common lounge/library/meeting area. We are excited to be working together to promote the space, paint unique signage, source furniture and shared equipment and build a shared studio library.

Although at this time we are a working studio and do not organize shows or events as a co-op, we encourage members to hang their work up on the gallery walls and make use of our shared facilities for events and classes.

I am excited for this new adventure, and eager to meet more artists to join me on it :)

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