I'm a (full-time) artist and illustrator!

I'm a (full-time) artist and illustrator!

As some of you already know, I have decided to take the plunge and develop my illustration career full-time.  I am ridiculously lucky and privileged to have this opportunity.

Up until February of this year, I was building my art career around a day job at a local tech company, which enabled me put the initial investment into starting the KW Artists Co-op, and helped Jordan and I buy and renovate our home.  I did not expect I would be able to give up that income and stability nearly so soon.

I am so thankful to Jordan for working hard and making sacrifices to support my dreams.  I am determined to make the most of this opportunity and work hard to build my artistic career.

Over the past couple of years, I've watched my shared art studio,  the KW Artists Co-op, develop from an idea and a desperate gamble into a thriving, self-sustaining artistic community and vibrant, inspiring workspace I am excited to visit every day. I am excited to bring the same drive and dedication to my art and illustrations.   I have already seen so much improvement, and had the chance to experience some really interesting projects in the short time since I started, I can't wait to find out what the future will bring.

Lichen and Cup Fungi on Elm Branch by Lee Angold Crustose Lichen and Cup Fungi on Elm branch[/caption]

Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Commission an illustration for your business or event:  I specialize in botanical, natural science and food illustrations.  Do you own or work for a farm, cafe, bed and breakfast, space exploration company? Censured Custom Wedding Invitation[/caption]

    I would be delighted to illustrate your product packaging design, menu, advertisements, etc.  Do you have a big event coming up, such as a wedding, graduation or milestone birthday?  Contact me about commissioning custom stationery. 

  2. Buy or commission an art piece for yourself or a loved one:  I would love for you to have a piece of my art to call your own.  You can view a selection of my pieces on my Portfolio page, visit one of my current exhibitions,  or contact me for a personal tour.  I also have small original art, prints and cards available through my Etsy shop.  Do you have an idea for the perfect, meaningful piece you'd like me to create?  I am currently taking private commissions, and would love to work with you to make your vision a reality :)20727845_969073999902336_8330131519102994111_n Fine Art Commission for Private Client -  Watercolour Gladiolus
  3. Signal Boost:  I am currently active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as this blog.  Follow me to get updates on new projects, a peek into my artistic process and studios, geeking out over pigments and science.  See something you like, or reminds you of a friend?  Like and share the posts that interest you, it really helps me reach a wider audience.
  4. Tell me about your wacky ideas and opportunities:   Some of the most interesting work I've been offered are things I would never have expected. Did you know that cakes can be painted using food dye and vodka like watercolour? Neither did I, until I was asked to run a cake painting workshop (by the way, if any of you are bakers, holla at me, I would LOVE to do cake-painting again).  I am happy to teach, try different media, participate in collaborative or residency projects, etc.  If you have an idea for a project that could use an artist or illustrator, saw something cool on the internet, or would just like to bounce ideas off me, get in touch.
  5. Support another artist: No doubt some of you really love the concept of supporting me or artists in general, but don't find my art interesting or appealing.  That's absolutely fine!  Art is super personal.  

    If I could ask one favour, please attend a local art fair, festival, get in touch with artist friends, and support another artist.  If you'd like some pointers, I would be happy to suggest some artists you might enjoy more.  Let me know if you've found  a great artist or art piece, I would be happy to share your find and help promote them as well :)

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